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Branding is key to introducing your company to the world.  It sets you up for success when it comes to defining your identity, and building the recognition to your potential customers.

Think of it as the framework of what you are going to build.  It provides the structure of all your marketing campaigns, and in turn saves you time and money, and prevents the whirlwind of always re-creating and coming up with new ideas.

It's important that your brand is true to your values, something that really represents you, conveys the message you want, and lasts throughout time.

At Starseed Productions we take the time to listen and work with you to establish that foundation accordingly.


Graphic Design

Visual communication is appealing to the eye, and has the potential to convey your company in the way you want.


Get help with creating your logo, and then follow up with website, print media, t-shirts, vehicle wraps and even showroom displays.


Let the graphics do the talking! 



Every company has it's own marketing needs. Starseed Productions can collaborate with you on setting up your custom marketing plan.

Here are some of the marketing services we offer:

• Business cards

• Brochures

* Posters and Fliers

• T-shirts

• Vehicle wraps

• Showroom displays

• Printed accessories

• Websites

• Email Marketing

• Ad Management

• Social Media

* Search Engine Optimization

• Claim Listings

• And more.......